was a weekly event series presenting a wide range of artists playing strictly electronic music - live and as DJs. Berlin's most recognized elec- tronic music event on a TUESDAY with a nice mixture of local and international audience. We celebrated our partys at RAW.tempel, MIKZ and CASSIOPEIA - located in a former industrial complex in Friedrichshain [S/U Warschauer Str.]. The rough warehouse sites were picking up the rare charme of early rave venues and combining it with the typical Berlin party style & flavor.

31.03.2009 :: Hörvergnügen Spezial


Sonka & Till  // Tanzmichmal
Johnny Awkward // Idealtechno
Bastian Kurzweil // Dienstagswelt
Fred Kreeger // Pentagonik
Alle Farben // Farbreiz

Visual Art by  Pal-Secam

24.03.2009 :: Berlin Unsigned Youth


Softrusher // Schallfront
Talentfrei // Klub Kreuziger Calling
Scheckkartenpunk // Rave ist kein Hobby
André Le Blond // Puro

17.03.2009 :: Netaudio & Friends


Gregor Heyden // Pentagonik / Klangsucht
J-Lab // Netaudio.London
Charles Tone // Pentagonik / LPG
Josia Loos // Chamaeleon-Rec.

Visual Art By Mikarus

03.03.2009 :: You See


POR.NO // Lisa Simpson / Hangar
Telly Quin // Eintakt
Peer Benary // White Rabbit
Marcel Cluso // 4/4 Express

Visual Art by Plastic People