was a weekly event series presenting a wide range of artists playing strictly electronic music - live and as DJs. Berlin's most recognized elec- tronic music event on a TUESDAY with a nice mixture of local and international audience. We celebrated our partys at RAW.tempel, MIKZ and CASSIOPEIA - located in a former industrial complex in Friedrichshain [S/U Warschauer Str.]. The rough warehouse sites were picking up the rare charme of early rave venues and combining it with the typical Berlin party style & flavor.

28.04.2009 :: Berlin Unsigned Youth


Lettland Spezial
Ivars Mednis // Minipower.info / Riga
DV5 //  Minipower.info / Riga
Ivarzz // Minipower.info / Riga
Padde Unhold // Himself Personally
Niko Schwind // Autist / Kassette
Lee Jokes // O.L.A_Rec.Berlin

Visual Art By Pal Secam

21.04.2009 :: Netaudio & Friends


Shirley can't be serious // Perplex
Funkenstrøm (live) // Symbiont
Schlendrian Klimperbeat // Funkytown
Proeff // Code 2 Mixotic

Visual Art:

14.04.2009 :: The Live Experience


WhatYes (live) // Klangsucht
Richard Zepezauer // Frühschoppen
Rollin´ Thunder // Dangerousdrums
Forever Autumn // Dienstagswelt

Visual Art:
Linards Kulles // Fuckforfriendship / LV

07.04.2009 :: You See


Mary Jane // LPG
Brutus // Tonkino
Matthew Tone // FTP Crew
Marc Schuett // Tonmosaik

Visual Art By Plastic People