was a weekly event series presenting a wide range of artists playing strictly electronic music - live and as DJs. Berlin's most recognized elec- tronic music event on a TUESDAY with a nice mixture of local and international audience. We celebrated our partys at RAW.tempel, MIKZ and CASSIOPEIA - located in a former industrial complex in Friedrichshain [S/U Warschauer Str.]. The rough warehouse sites were picking up the rare charme of early rave venues and combining it with the typical Berlin party style & flavor.

29.09.2009 :: You SeE (Konverter Night)


DJ 7 (Konverter / Basel)
Wassmer (Konverter/Basel)
Peer Benary (white Rabbit)
Marcel Cluso (4/4 Express)

Visuals By Plastic People

15.09.2009 :: 1 Jahr Dienstagswelt

Line Up:
Marx Trukker Live! (thestudiostereo.net / Schall)
S.A.L. Suzuki & SayakaStar
Por.no (Hangar)
Unkrautbauer (Trendkost)

Visual Arts by Micarus

S.A.L. Suzuki & SayakaStar - Liveatfusion09 by homeless_clouds

08.09.2009 :: The Loop Experience


Simon Spielvogel (savethevinyls // HH)
Emmanuel Cadena (freaks association)
Andreas Pfeiffer (camporecords)
Maik Hotz (Raendna Inc.)
Lucy Loop (elektronik Impulse)

Visuals By Kitsuka (Schattenelektronik)

01.09.2009 :: You SeE


Arzt & Astma (Reclaim the Beats)
The Ascent (AKA AKA / Stil For Talent)
Hof Gutow (Klangsucht)
oaK-Klee / Berlin

Visuals By Plastic People