was a weekly event series presenting a wide range of artists playing strictly electronic music - live and as DJs. Berlin's most recognized elec- tronic music event on a TUESDAY with a nice mixture of local and international audience. We celebrated our partys at RAW.tempel, MIKZ and CASSIOPEIA - located in a former industrial complex in Friedrichshain [S/U Warschauer Str.]. The rough warehouse sites were picking up the rare charme of early rave venues and combining it with the typical Berlin party style & flavor.

19.08.2014 :: Elektrotribe Meets Soupherb Rec (India), Midsummer Edition (2 Floors)

Herbal Soup Floor
Ash Roy (Soupherb, Elektrotribe)
Calm Chor (Soupherb, Elektrotribe)
Moog Conspiracy (Elektrotribe)

+ special visual artist

Spice things up Floor
Jozak Sander (Elektrotribe, Keller)
Maki Polne (KaterHolzig)

Come to celebrate this music-inspired friendship beyond the borders with us! Let's rock this again! ♥

Already in the mood to head off for BURNING MAN, our friends from India stop by for a late date @ Dienstags Welt - hosted by Elektrotribe's Moog Conspiracy. Besides Ash Roy and Calm Chor (both Soupherb Rec // India) Maki Polne from Kater Holzig and label resident Jozak Sander spicing this tuesday night up hotter like any Indian Curry, French Lover or Berlin's airstrips for Easyjet Weekenders... .

+ pleasent outside area (sommergarten)
+ kicker bar upstairs                            

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