was a weekly event series presenting a wide range of artists playing strictly electronic music - live and as DJs. Berlin's most recognized elec- tronic music event on a TUESDAY with a nice mixture of local and international audience. We celebrated our partys at RAW.tempel, MIKZ and CASSIOPEIA - located in a former industrial complex in Friedrichshain [S/U Warschauer Str.]. The rough warehouse sites were picking up the rare charme of early rave venues and combining it with the typical Berlin party style & flavor.

16.10.2012 :: Deep, Down & Dirty

Miriam Schulte // Green Empire | Metroklang Records (live)
Greg Sawyer // Tenth Circle | UK
Franklin De Costa // Mule Musiq | Curle

Dirty old Dienstagwelt, plays deep down under the Gürtellinie rolling thunder techno in-house music. Mit on the desk is Maoam Schulte, the girl with a splendid Musikgeschmack which you like to chew & dance & listen & enjoy for much longer than her set dauert. Tja, we call it Dienstagswelt and dirty old Gerechtigkeit. Denn we have also Greg, maybe the bruder of Tom Sawyer. His life is wasted in England so far - and his story is rougher than raff, taffer than tüll - so all his blues swing in the soul of his fette tunes mit, die dich einwickeln like a sweet mountain of creamcheasefoam. Butt drunter versteckt lies a musical heartbeat of gold and mud. Und shankly, Mr. Franklin, this position I've Held, it pays my way, and it corrodes my soul. I want to go down in musical Hysterie I'm a krankes wreck - I've got the 21st century breathing down my neck. Wird jetzt too cryptish, right? 

To sum up this Dienstagswelt: Dirty like a swamp, Down like hell, Deep like nix - or like we get - with the soundsystem of MIKZ!

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